US Africa Command Head advances US-Nigeria cooperation 

United State of America’s Marine Corps General Michael Langley, Commander, US Africa Command, and US Marine Corps Sergeant Major Michael Woods, the command’s Senior Enlisted Leader, visited Nigeria from January 10 to 11, 2024. 

The leaders of the Command met with the Chief of Defence Training Operations, Major General EV Onumajuru.

Langley and Woods discussed opportunities to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two nations, efforts to counter violent extremism in the region, and Nigeria’s leadership when addressing regional security. 

Langley reaffirmed the United States’ long-standing cooperation with Nigeria, which has the largest population, economy, and democracy in Africa. 

“Cooperation and training between the US and Nigerian militaries is vital in addressing the evolving security landscape in West Africa and advancing common interests,” Langley said, adding: “This visit underscores the United States’ commitment to work in partnership with West African nations in promoting security, stability and prosperity across the region.” 

Around West Africa, extremist groups exploit weak governance and environmental stressors, causing instability. 

This insecurity not only affects the region but also poses a global threat by fostering terrorism and exacerbating humanitarian crises. 

“Instability in West Africa requires collaboration – including intelligence sharing and capacity building – to address. In partnership with Nigeria, the United States aims to counter terrorism, provide humanitarian assistance, and achieve the security needed for economic growth,” stated US Mission Nigeria Chargé d’Affaires David Greene. 

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Langley also met with Nigerian alumni of the embassy’s Young African Leaders Initiative and other programmes, where he shared his perspective on leadership and learned about the alumni’s achievements. 

Langley and Woods further met with embassy diplomatic and military personnel, several of whom he recognised for their accomplishments. 

The US Africa Command is one of seven US Department of Defence geographic combatant commands. 

The command is responsible for all US military operations, exercises, and security cooperation, and conducts crisis response on the African continent to advance US interests and promote regional security, stability, and prosperity. 

The visit highlights US Africa Command’s 3D approach, which leverages diplomacy, development, and defence collaboration.

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