Breaking: Gani Adams speaks on face-off with Igboho, Sanwo-Olu’s Chief of Staff

The Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams, has warned against what he termed as deliberate efforts by some individuals to drag his name in the mud, saying his silence should not be taken for cowardice.

The Yoruba generalissimo made his position known in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Aderemi.

Iba Adams, while speaking on the controversy generated by an alleged audio clip by him, said he was ready to set the records straight on the various questions hanging in the balance on the alleged defamation contained in it.

He said the ongoing legal infraction by both Sunday Adeyemo Igboho and Tayo Ayinde, the Chief of Staff to the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, was a grand conspiracy to discredit his person and he was ready to do everything to protect his hard-earned name and the office he represents.

He said his reaction became pertinent as it has become evident that those involved: Igboho and Ayinde, are not ready to toe the line of peace as initiated by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi.

He said: “The reason for my silence in the midst of the various legal and media infractions by Igboho and Ayinde was not because I am a coward, but because of the initial interventions of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, other prominent Obas and several other important personalities in Yorubaland.

“But with the ongoing lies and aspersions against my person, I think it is time for me to come out open and set the record straight.

“Though, my legal team has done what was required of them, I need to state it clearly that the audio clip generating the squabbles was a distorted and disjointed content
of a private conversation, which held way back in 2021 with a US-based younger brother of a friend.

“The conversation was initiated by the young man who claimed he wanted a reconciliation between myself, Igboho and some other people.

“It was while responding on reasons for reconciliation at the time that he mentioned the names of the two people.

“In the said audio, I said it repeatedly that though it was very difficult to believe, there’s an unconfirmed rumour allegedly linking Igboho to the murder of the late Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige.

“My statement was not done in bad faith and it was purely a private conversation.

“It is surprising how a private conversation held almost four years ago would suddenly turn up in the hands of Igboho.

“To discerning minds, it is obvious that Igboho unlawfully invaded my privacy, bugged a private conversation and inappropriately used the same on several social media platforms.

“Recall that before now, precisely in early March, the same people had bombarded the media space about my heritage.

“The same people had claimed I was of Tapa, Nupe extraction.

“In another breath, they alleged that I requested the sum of N20 billion from the organisers of the Yoruba Security Conference, held in Ile Ife, Osun State on 29 February, 2024.

“They followed up these dastardly acts by invading and intruding on my privacy.

“My legal team is presently working on all these.

“However, on the issue of my brother, Tayo Ayinde, let me make it clear here that I repeatedly said that whatever was said was a rumour that couldn’t be substantiated or made public.

“But for their sinister motives, it was Igboho that bugged my telephone, published and made it public.

“The picture has now become clearer that they resorted to the audio clip blackmail after they failed in their earlier attempt to rubbish my name.

“This was how they abused the Ooni of Ife, His imperial majesty Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and other Yoruba Obas that had done well and contributed a lot to the development and progress of the Yoruba.”

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