EKEDC affirms management overhaul, salary harmonisation

To streamline operations and enforce parity across its workforce, the Board of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (Eko Disco) yesterday affirmed recent management changes and its decision to harmonize salaries and conditions of service for all employees.

Dispelling rumors of a reversal in the dissolution of the former management under Dr Tinuade Sanda, Mr. Dere Otubu, Chairman of Eko Disco’s Board of Directors, issued a stern statement reasserting the withdrawal of seconded staff from West Power & Gas (WPG) and the installation of an interim leadership team led by Acting CEO Mrs. Rekhiat Momoh.

“Contrary to misinformation circulating, no WPG staff has been returned to Eko Disco. The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has not nullified any actions taken by our Board,” declared Otubu. ” All staff in acting roles following the withdrawal of WPG secondees including our Acting CEO, Mrs Rekhiat Momoh are to continue doing their work.”

“For greater clarity, the reason for the withdrawal of the WPG seconded staff is to allow for the process of employment of any qualified staff directly in Eko Disco. The decision of the Board is that all staff members of staff of Eko Disco will have the same conditions of service and be under the same payroll structure,” Otubu said.

Otubu added: “There will therefore be the harmonization of the salary structure so that there will be no further earnings dichotomy. This process is still ongoing and you will be informed when it is completed.” As this realignment process continues, the Board reiterated its confidence in the company’s talent to deliver excellence. Otubu urged all staff to remain focused on their responsibilities, dismissing attempts to “plant mischief” through disinformation in the papers.”

“We have great confidence in all of you to perform your roles effectively and take the company to greater heights. We therefore urge everyone to keep doing their duties diligently,” Otubu said.

The Board also underscored its primacy as Eko Disco’s paramount governing body, cautioning that only statements issued through its Chairman should be considered authoritative representations of company policies and decisions. He said: “The Board of Directors of Eko Disco remains the highest organ of governance of the Disco. Therefore, only statements from the Chairman acting on behalf of the Board should be countenanced.”

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