Erotic Monday Night: An unexpected fun night, by Tiwa Says

I had the most unusual weekend. It was fun though but totally unexpected. I often tell people not to ever say “never” because you never know. Until you are faced with a situation, you can’t truly tell what your reaction will be.

It seemed like one of those boring weekends again until I got a call from an old colleague of mine. We used to work together some years ago. We got close when we went on a course outside the state. She told me a lot about her marriage and how she wasn’t sure she wanted to be married because she didn’t really enjoy sex with her partner.

I wasn’t only a good listener. I was able to give her some tips on sex regard. l don’t know if she used them though. We kind of lost touch after I left the organisation. We still had our occasional chats and calls though.

Anyway I was excited when she called.Not just because it’s been a while, but she wanted to hang out. She invited me to the club with her and her hubby.

The night started out at a lounge where we had something to eat and a little to drink. Then we proceeded to the club. The club had female strippers and my colleague seemed to be very interested in them, especially the ones with large breasts. I wasn’t interested in lap dances, so I just enjoyed the ambience and music.

After the alcohol kicked in, I got up to dance, singing and moving to the beat. My colleague’s husband, John, joined me. We had fun on the dance floor, especially because he was such a good dancer.

My colleague watched us with a smile on her face. It seemed like she was having as much as we were just by watching. We stayed at the club till the early hours of the morning. When it was time to go home, they suggested I go with them. I didn’t argue because I was quite tipsy.

When we got to their place, we had more drinks with some soft music. I got up again to dance. It seemed like tonight was a dancing night. l started to sing along and laugh. Then John joined me.

We sang and laughed together. Then I felt him hold me. I turned around and he caught me with a kiss. Fully on my lips. Sucked my lips and stuck his tongue in my mouth. l responded, but not without looking at my colleague. She smiled and gave a nod of approval.

I held John’s head and kissed him deeply. Then I got out of my flimsy dress and put his head between my legs. My oh my. This guy sucked my pussy like a delicious meal. l moaned and rubbed his head. l moved my waist and grinded his head on my coochie as he sucked. He sure knew what he was doing because I came in no time.

He lifted me off the floor and put me against the wall. Then he entered me. With each thrust was a groan. He rammed me against the wall but I felt no pain. I only felt pleasure. From the corner of my eye, I saw my colleague touching herself and moaning. Hmm…. So this is her thing. Watching.

John put me down, sucked my pussy some more. My juice moisturised his beard. He turned me around, penetrated me and gave me some sweet and deep back shots. My legs were shaking at this point. l had lost count of my cums. He spanked me, grabbed my boobs and shot his shot inside me. At that moment, I heard my colleague cumming as well. That was indeed a wild one.

We freshened up, had coffee and gisted till I left for my place.

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