PFA deploys interactive platform to tackle pensioners' challenges

Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) Pension Limited (PPL) has deployed a new platform to interact with pension contributors and address the challenges they are facing across the country.

The new platform known as Premium Interactive Member Assistant (PRIMA) is a social-media-based platform that provides seamless engagement on all pension-related matters as well as empowers customers to efficiently carry out related tasks without relying on personnel of the PFA.

PRIMA gives members a real-time premium experience from their mobile phones as they can enroll by simply adding the PFA’s verified WhatsApp mobile number, agreeing to the legal terms of usage and initiating a conversation on their mobile devices.

The platform can now be used to check retirement savings account (RSA) balances, request statements of accounts, get a welcome certificate, check data recapture status, request letters to select embassies and open RSA accounts among others.

Commenting on the product, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Premium Pension Limited (PPL), Umar Sanda Mairami, said: “The launch of PRIMA is driven by a never-ending desire to meet the aspirations of our present and future customers who are increasingly embracing technology to position themselves for limited visits to our brick-and-mortar outlets. PRIMA provides an additional secured channel of communication with our members to deepen seamless interaction and provide a premium experience.”

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