Tinubu to Soldiers: Don’t be discouraged by death of your compatriots

President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday urged personnel of the Armed Forces of Nigeria to not allow the death of their compatriots to dampen their patriotic spirit of defending the country, adding that there is no higher honour than the vocation they have chosen to pursue.

Tinubu said Nigeria acknowledges the daily sacrifices and labour of love the AFN has shown in defending the country.

Tinubu made this known when he spoke at the funeral of the fallen soldiers at the National Cemetery in Abuja.

He said: “To the entire armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I have a message for you: Do not let the death of your compatriots discourage you. 

“There is no higher honour than the vocation you have chosen to pursue.

“We cherish you. 

“We cherish your labour of love. 

“We salute your daily sacrifice in protecting your fellow citizens from danger. 

“We acknowledge your sacrifices to defend our nation.

“Within our continent, our sub-region and across the world, the Nigerian Military has remained a force for good, embodying a great example and keeping our democracy safe. 

“It is now our duty to protect the families of our departed heroes.”

The President however charged the men of the armed forces to remain committed to working for the peace and harmony in the country.

“While we continue to grieve for the courageous men we lost that day, let us also, on this solemn occasion, be reminded of the unfinished business of working for peace and harmony in our communities,” he added.

Speaking on the need to get justice for the slain soldiers, Tinubu said: “I want to make it clear, once more, that those who committed this heinous crime will not go unpunished. We will find them and our departed heroes will get justice.

“The elders and chiefs of Okuoma also have a duty to help the military in fishing out the gunmen who committed the barbaric crime against our men.

“I wish to also commend our Armed Forces for their restraint in choosing not to carry out any reprisal attacks in Okuoma or its neighbouring communities. 

“We must all ensure that the innocent people of Okuoma are not made to bear the punishment of the guilty and wicked among them.”

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Concerning the families of the departed soldiers, Tinubu disclosed: “The Federal Government will provide a house in any part of our country to each of the families of the four officers and 13 soldiers.

“The Federal Government has also approved scholarships to all the children of the deceased up to the university level. 

“The Military must, within the next 90 days, ensure that all the benefits of the departed are paid to their families.”

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