TTP disables trucks on ETO platform over number plate infractions

Trucks Transit Parks (TTP) Limited has deactivated 83 trucks from the electronic call-up system, known as ETO, for various infractions committed by truck owners and drivers.

The Information Technology firm stated that these infractions, occurring at Seaplane, include mismatched number plates, absence of number plates, and cut number plates.

An official notice, which was issued and observed by The Guardian, specified the deactivation of the trucks for 90 days. These infractions elaborated across several documents, necessitated a temporary suspension of the trucks’ operations within the ETO system.

TTP emphasised that this action serves as a firm reminder of the consequences of violating regulations at designated points such as Seaplane and aims to maintain order and adherence to regulations.

Further, the notice highlighted those trucks found in violation of the Minimum Safety Standards (MSS) faced even more severe consequences, resulting in their permanent deactivation from the ETO system. The company has encouraged truck owners affected by these measures to seek clarification from the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) if necessary.

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