Arase calls for reviving, sustaining scholarship award for children of policemen

The Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Dr. Solomon Arase, has urged the Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun, to revive and sustain the scholarship award and grant for brilliant children of Inspectors and Rank and File in the Nigeria Police Force.

Arase, a former IGP, made this call at the maiden edition of the Nigeria Police Awards And Commendation Ceremony.

The event was held in Abuja on Monday.

This was also as he applauded Egbtokun and his management team for their ingenuity in recognising and appreciating the extraordinary efforts, feats and exceptional performance of our Police Officers.

According to Arase, during his tenure as the IGP, he instituted the Scholarship Award and Grant for brilliant children of Inspectors and Rank and File.

He added: “To me, this will assist the Police Officers in the lower rung of the Nigeria Police ladder who form the greater percentage of our field officers in training their children and eliciting their commitment and dedication to the police institution.

“Unfortunately, this noble initiative could not be continued by the successive leadership of the Force. I, therefore, urge the Inspector-General of Police to find a way of revitalising and sustaining this initiative, as it will restore the hopes and faith of our junior officers in the Nigeria Police as an institution that cares and shows empathy to its personnel.”

Arase further noted concerning the scholarship and grant for the police children: “Although in my private capacity through Solomon Arase Foundation, I have carried on with this scholarship scheme, it is my belief, however, that this scholarship initiative will have more extensive reach if anchored and carried on by the Force.”

He explained that the revitalising and sustaining of the initiative will restore the hopes and faith of junior officers in the Nigeria Police as an institution that cares and shows empathy to its personnel.

Furthermore, said Arase, a certain quota of “admission into POLAC and recruitment into the Force must be reserved for children of Police Officers, as a way of ensuring that Police Officers replicate themselves in the Police institution, as well as appreciating them for their efforts and commitment to peace and security in Nigeria”.

Speaking on the award and commendation ceremony, he said it might appear cosmetic to some, “but in actuality, it is an eloquent testament to hard work, commemorating one’s commitment and dedication to duty, as well as memorialising one’s contributions to humanity”.

He noted that the plaques and certificates presented to the recipients only symbolise a token of the collective enthusiasm and appreciation as an institution, for the dedicated self-sacrifice, courage and desire they have shown in making our country safer and better secured.

Arase added: “I also extend warm felicitations and appreciation to other countless Police Officers who toil every day in virtual anonymity, whose duties may seem somewhat mundane, and in relative geographical obscurity, whose day-to-day efforts have contributed immeasurably at ensuring the adequacy of security provisioning in Nigeria. The aggregation of the efforts of these awardees and that of the undramatic routine of the ordinary plodding Police Officers in every part of our dear country is fundamental to the relative peace and security enjoyed in our country today.” 

While lauding the efforts of Egbetokun, Arase stated that the awards will not only serve as a morale-booster to the officers, and spur them to even work harder, but also, will continue to serve as a source of motivation and an infectious encouragement to other Police Officers, accentuating the fact that hard work and act of valour towards the peace and stability of Nigeria are not unchronicled and unappreciated.

He commended President Ahmed Tinubu for his untiring efforts and commitment towards resolving the insecurity challenge in Nigeria by supporting the Nigeria Police Force as well as the Police Service Commission towards optimal functionality in the performance of the respective mandates of these critical institutions to our national security architecture. 

He added: “We are indeed most grateful, and I am optimistic and can assure you that the darkest hour is nearest to dawn, and in no distant time, we will attain the security aspirations and dreams of our people. I am sure that this type of recognition of achievements holds the potential to contribute towards individual and institutional performances and the effective functioning of the Nigeria Police Force in a responsible and accountable way to the Nigerian people.”

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