Primate Ayodele to Yoruba Nation agitators: You can’t break Nigeria

The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has told Yoruba Nation agitators to stop wasting their time attempting to break Nigeria because it will end up as futile.

Primate Ayodele stated his position on Friday in a statement made available by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin.

The prophet stated that Nigeria’s breakage cannot come as a result of hooliganism or violence, but it will still happen at God’s appropriate time through a referendum that will be accepted by all parties.

He said: “At the appropriate time, there will be a referendum which everyone will agree on. Nigeria’s breakage will not be by war, all these secessionists are wasting their time and lives, they can’t break Nigeria. 

“It’s not by hooliganism or protest, no man can break Nigeria except when God is ready.”

While reacting to the actions of Modupe Abiola-Onitiri, who declared that Yorubaland has become a sovereign nation, Primate Ayodele described her as a failed politician seeking relevance with her involvement in the agitation for Yoruba nation. 

He advised her to let her ambition go because no human has the capacity to break Nigeria.

The prophet further reiterated that Nigeria’s separation will come peacefully and in a matured manner in 2035.

Furthermore, he called on the government to punish those who are agitating for the separation of the country.

Ayodele said: “Onitiri should go and sleep, she has no capacity to break Nigeria, it’s only God that can do it, no man can do it on his own. 

“Nigeria’s separation will come peacefully in 2035, it will happen in a much matured and well organized referendum.

“Let those who want to break Nigeria face the wrath of the law, Onitiri is just a failed politician that is looking for relevance.

“In this Tinubu’s government, restructuring will not even be possible not to talk of breaking, it can’t be possible because it’s not yet time.”

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