Two days after heroic welcome, Pelumi Nubi surfaces in video spraying Naira at party + Video

Two days after she received a heroic welcome for driving from the United Kingdom to Nigeria, Pelumi Nubi has become enmeshed in a controversy for spraying Naira at a party.

The video of Nubi, dancing with her ever present smile and energy, was shared on X by a creative writer, Dr Penking.

The X user, with the handle: @drpenking, wanted to know what will happen to Nubi with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission holding Idris Okuneye, a crossdresser popularly known as Bobrisky.

The Eagle Online recalls that Bobrisky, who has pleaded guilty before a court of law, is being held in the custody of the EFCC pending sentencing.

The sentencing was fixed for April 9, 2024, but with the public holiday occasioned by the Eid-el-Fitr, the court cannot sit earlier than Friday.

The Federal Government through the Ministry of Interior, in the early hours of Tuesday extended the public holiday from Tuesday and Wednesday till Thursday.

Dr Penking tweeted: “Pelumi sprayed money and stepped on it, Lagos State Government worships her feet, gave her a house and car and crowned her ambassador of Lagos State.

“Bobrisky sprays money and steps on it, Lagos State sends her to prison.

“I condemn Bobrisky’s lifestyle but you people should stop lying and say the truth about why you are holding him hostage because it’s definitely not because of spraying money.”

Several comments have greeted the tweet by Dr Penking.

Ajo Nwa, @noble_benz9: “The way you have been on this Bobrisky issue is now suspicious. Are you among those people he’s sleeping with?👀.”

Legacy, @KingLegacy50: Dey hustle Elon money from Australia. Bob patronizers are gradually coming out Lmao 🤣 😂.”

Dj Lucianovibe, @DjLucianovibe: “I said this earlier, that guy them arrested no spray naira reach so many celebrities for club and weddings, but I know that was not the only agenda to his arrest.”

DY🥇: @ideniyor: “Arrest Cubana chief priest first.”

𝐉𝐧𝐫𝐑, @donearlylife: By Tuesday beards go don full Bob’s face 😂.”

SP, @sirepaul01: @officialEFCC needs to look into this, afterall she’s even in Lagos and easily accessible. Mutilation Of Naira Is A Crime.”

conja igwe, @dj_conja360: “Go and listen to EFCC spoke man. He said they have about 130 on their list. Go to there page and watch him speak about it on @tvcnewsng YouTube channel.”

Deribb, @Deribb: “Eyes don dey bob body teytey na why. Digital Witch (Èwvere Pot of Wadocity)🥘.”

Extraordinary Damilola💐, @billionairegode: I’ve always known this guy to be a clout chaser, how does Pelumi relate to Bobrisky bro. You’re getting older day by day fam, you need to leave this lifestyle. Peace ✌️ bro.”

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