Students, parents laud Lagos athletics schools’ games

Parents and students at the inaugural The Athletics Schools Games held at the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) have commended the organisers of the competition, which featured 11 private primary and secondary schools from Lagos and its environs.

The athletes competed across a range of track and field events, demonstrating not only their physical prowess but also the robust sportsmanship and camaraderie fostered by the TASG.

The substantial turnout of family and friends added to the lively atmosphere, echoing the event’s success and the community’s endorsement.

The founder of TASG, Seun Akinbohun, expressed satisfaction with the day’s proceedings, despite minor setbacks.

She said seeing the joy in both participants and parents reinforces the value of these events in promoting mental well-being and physical health.

Akinbohun revealed plans to make TASG a yearly event, with aspirations for additional support to increase its frequency.
One of the parents at the event, Ann Dankaro, highlighted the unique opportunity TASG presents for students.

She said many talented children lack the platform to be noticed, but this event fills that gap beautifully.

Peter Inekwe, another parent, appreciated the holistic development opportunities such events offer, adding that it combines sports and learning to handle both victories and defeats, which is crucial for child development

The Brand Manager, Maltina, Clementina Kayode, underscored the brand’s commitment to youth sports and to support young athletes and help channel their potential.

She said the performances were inspiring and a true testament to the talent displayed here.

Kayode said this event not only spotlighted emerging sports talents but also reinforced the importance of sports in education and personal development.

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