Group unveils website on Buhari’s achievements

A political pressure group under the auspices of Protectors of PMB Legacy has unveiled a website outlining the achievements of the immediate past President, Muhammadu Buhari.

Mohammed Ajiji, Coordinator of the group, made the disclosure in a statement issued on Sunday in Kaduna.

Ajiji urged Nigerians not to buy into any misinformation about Buhari’s achievements for eight years, adding: “Nobody should be misled that Buhari did not achieve anything during his two terms in office.

“We are being compelled to address some claims asserting that the government of former President Muhammadu Buhari has not achieved anything during its tenure.

“Such assertions are not only misleading but also disregard the numerous accomplishments documented on the PMB scorecard website:”

The Coordinator further disclosed that the site recorded the number of projects executed by the PMB administration contrary to some speculations in some quarters.

He said the Buhari administration made significant strides across various sectors, contributing to the overall development and progress of Nigeria.

Ajiji said: “We encourage all concerned citizens and members of the media, musicians, political critics and other interest groups to visit the PMB scorecard website.

“It meticulously outlines and provides transparent insights into the achievements of the government.

“The website serves as a comprehensive repository of verifiable data, illustrating the administration’s accomplishments in areas such as infrastructure development, economic reforms, social intervention programmes, security, agriculture among other initiatives.”

Ajiji, however, emphasised that constructive criticisms and public discourse were essential elements of a vibrant democracy, saying: “It is crucial to base such discussions on accurate information and facts.

“The website stands as a reliable source, offering a detailed account of the tangible results achieved by the Buhari government.

“We call upon individuals, organizations, and the media to engage responsibly by checking on this platform for accurate information.

“This ensures a more informed and nuanced understanding of the government’s achievements, hence fostering a healthy dialogue on the nation’s progress.”

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