Wash-a-Thon: Subair speaks on state of her health + Video

Aspiring wash-a-thon champion, Enitan Subair, after an impressive outing last Sunday, is in high spirit and bubbling with excitement.

In the less than two minutes video clip just released, lanky and ebony Subair said she is hale and hearty.

She said she was never for once hospitalised, has been preoccupied with interviews, as well as in hurry to return to the classroom.

She said: “I’m very fine.

“This video is just to debunk the news. 

“Thank you so much to everybody.”

There have been reports that Subair, an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, after completing her record-breaking wash-a-thon in the early hours of Monday, was hospitalised.

The 200-level student of Linguistics, while the exercise lasted, set a new world record after she competed a 58-hour wash-a-thon by 12.05am on November 27, 2023, surpassing her initial Guinness World Record of 50 hours.

In the new video, obviously recorded a day after her historic feat, Subair, in a stable mood, was seen at OAU premises in a casual wear of polo and jean trouser, looking healthy and excited.

She expressed worries about the news that she was hospitalised.

The video showed Subair’s hands were normal and unaffected by the task of her record 58-hour hand washing.

“Good day people, first of all thank you to everybody who checked up, thank you to everybody who reached out,” Subair said, making her trademark sign and gesticulating with her hands with no sign of hurt or soreness.

On her state of health and mood, she said: “I’m not sick.

“There was never a point I got hospitalised.

“There was no point I was admitted or rush to the hospital.

“There is nothing wrong with me.

“I have just been home expecting the will of God to happen.

“There is nothing wrong with me.”

Subair expressed concern that her procedural check-up at the clinic immediately after completing her task was misinterpreted for health impairment.

She added: “I cannot even wait to start classes.

“And I’m going to start that immediately.

“I have not started classes because of the several interviews and all, not that may be I’m sick.”

Subair said she decided to debunk the misinterpretation because it was feeding a negative perception in some quarters.

She expressed appreciation to all her supporters: “I’m very fine.

“This video is just to debunk the news. 

“Thank you so much to everybody.”

The Student Union President of OAU, Abbas Akinremi, who was with Subair at the point of completing her record-breaking feat, said the authorities were the ones that insisted that as a student ambassador of the first-generation university, she should follow the normal procedure of a medical check-up to ascertain she was fit and proper after her uphill task. 

According to Akinremi, when Subair ended the wash-a-thon in the early hours of Monday, the authorities insisted and took her to the university clinic.

He said: “We took her to the University clinic.

“That’s the normal thing to do after such a task.

“And we are known for standards.

“So we don’t compromise that in everything we do.”

While the competition was underway, the management of the school, led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Prof. Abayomi Daramola, on November 26, 2023 paid Subair a solidarity visit to further reassure her of the entire University community’s supports as she entered the final lap of her historic feat.

Photographs posted on the X handle of the wash-a-thon, OAUWashathon, @oau_washathon, posted on the evening of November 27, 2023, the day Subair completed her record-breaking feat, showed her with toothy smile in a lone picture and in another group picture with her family members.

The X post, captioned: “What success looks like. Enitan and family after wash-a-thon,” vividly depicted the pictures were taken probably in the afternoon of that day, with bright sunlight in the background of the residential compound where they were taken. 

X users were full of praises for Subair, hailing her heroism and courage to pull through.

Rt. Hon. Akinyode Oyewusi: @IreYode, Deputy Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly, wrote: “I celebrate your determination, decision, and discipline to scale through this hurdle and make this a reality. 

“Having completed this task and as we await the official response from the Guinness Book of Records, I want to charge you to channel your zeal into contributing your quota to the development of our society. 

“Indeed, another Great IFE is a counterfeit! 

“Once again, Congratulations, Enitan!”

Chisom Nwankwo: @somiii_v, showed a champagne, saying: “Congratulations.”

Richard: @Richard_ode22, said: “More wins, congratulations.”

Miracle: @okorie_mi, posted: “Congratulations big time… I really commend your energy… E for energy.”

The Guinness World Record is yet to announce Subair as the new record breaker. 

However, analysts familiar with the terrain said it was just a matter of time and processes as she had fulfilled all preconditions. 

Subair, who began the attempt on November 24, 2023 at the Sub Car Park inside the school campus, at the end said she was motivated by overwhelming support to see herself through the task.

She said: “I felt I should give up several times, especially when I was pressed, I was like can I go through this thing? 

“That my mum and my friends are in this crowd, I feel very fulfilled to complete this task right in front of her.”

When asked about her motivations and ability to complete the task at the outset, Subair had sighted her intrinsic nature, life lessons, family and general support and grace of God.

She said: “My background, the lessons life taught me have been motivating me to embark on this wash-a-thon. 

“My experience is unexplainable, but it taught me to be selfless.

“I am confident that I will reach the set goal of 50 hours of hand washing and by God’s grace I will emerge victorious.

“Despite the massive support from my colleagues here, I pray for the grace of God to be able to complete the task. 

“My parents are very supportive and I urge Nigerians to rally round me while I work towards completing the task.”

To start the competition, Subair was believed to have notified the famous British reference book of her intention in June this year.

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