Whereabout of Online Publisher arrested at home at 1:24am unknown

The whereabouts of an Online Publisher, Precious Eze, remains unknown six days after his arrest by police operatives.

According to information available to The Eagle Online, he was arrested on December 12, 2023.

The arrest, at about 1:24am in Lagos, was reportedly carried out by people who identified themselves as operatives of a Special Task Force of the Nigeria Police from its Abuja office. 

A WhatsApp post on Sunday said, unedited: Precious Eze, an Online Publisher and Journalist, was taken by individuals identifying themselves as members of a Special Police Taskforce from the Abuja office. This incident occurred on Tuesday, December 12th, at 1:24 am.

During the apprehension, the police confiscated Precious’ laptop, phones, and other devices from his residence. A friend present at his house offered to accompany them, but the police declined, leaving the friend’s phone with him. They assured him that Precious would contact him in the morning to provide information about his whereabouts. Unfortunately, no contact has been made since then, and all attempts to reach Precious have proven unsuccessful.

It has now been five days since the incident, and neither Precious nor the police officers involved have made any communication. Concerns are heightened as Precious is known to be hypertensive and is on medication. There is uncertainty about his well-being in police custody.

We urgently call on all friends and colleagues of Precious to bring attention to this matter.The absence of communication or updates on his situation is causing growing concern.  

Please help raise awareness by sharing.




Let us collectively ensure that Precious’ safety and well-being are addressed promptly.

For more information regarding his whereabouts, please contact, 08126235886 and +234 802 301 2848.

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