Borno partners FG on leather processing for industrial use, exports

The Borno State government will partner the Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology (NILEST) to develop and process leather products for exports and industrial uses in the country.

The leather institute sited in Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna state, was established in 1964 by the Federal Government.

Unveiling the partnership with the institute, yesterday (Wednesday), in Maiduguri, the Governor disclosed: “Today’s partnership with the federal government is to boost leather technology, production and processing in Borno state.”

He added that the delegation led by NILEST’s Director General/CEO, Prof. Mohammed Yukubu will provide the framework to the State government on how to collaborate on the development of the leather industry in Nigeria.

According to him, the partnership with the federal government in the leather industry will create many jobs through vocational technology.

He noted that this will contribute enormously to the overall economic development of the Northeast; comprising Borno and five other states.

Zulum continued: “We shall key into your activities and other projects in the leather industry. I am particularly interested in creating wealth through technical and vocational education in the 27 local government areas.”

He, therefore, directed the Ministry of Education to compile the names of 54 youths, two each from the 27 local councils.

He said the youths are to undergo intensive training on leather technology and production for industrial uses and exports and earn foreign exchange.

He, however, lamented that the state government is not aware of the activities of NILEST Maiduguri centre.

While reiterating the partnership, he said: “The State government is willing to connect with your institute, but unfortunately, the activities of the Maiduguri centre are not known to many of us here.

“I was the pioneer commissioner of the Ministry of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Resettlement. Honestly speaking, I just heard about the Maiduguri centre.”

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