Campaign promises Vs today’s realities, APC becoming insensitive – Lukman

A former National Vice Chairman, Northwest, of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Salihu Moh. Lukman has described the APC led administration  as insensitive to the growing hardship in the country, saying it is unfortunate that today’s existential realities are different from the campaign promises of the pa

This is contained in a statement issued by Lukman on Sunday in Abuja and titled ‘Heartbreaking Reflections’.

Attributing the current situation of the country as no different from a military regime, Lukman asserted that the supposed democratic setup has produced the sad reality whereby the leadership of President Asiwaju Tinubu is becoming more and more insensitive to the plight of citizens.

Lukman however enjoined President Bola Tinubu to be responsive and reevaluate some of the policy decisions he took in the last 10 months but which have brought untold hardship on Nigerians.

He further stressed that the APC led administration, rather than giving life to its campaign promises, has only succeeded in changing all its promises to the consternation of Nigerians, evaluating the party as not different from PDP defeated in 2015.

According to him, APC, which is ideally supposed to be the model being the ruling party based on its ability to orient government initiatives and control it to respond to challenges facing the people,  under President Tinubu may have succeeded in turning Nigeria’s democracy into an insensitive party.

Lukman said, “Although, today, we have an elected government with President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President, it is difficult to predict the direction Nigeria is going.

“Almost every action of the administration of President Asiwaju Tinubu is reduced to political convenience, often with hardly any clear logic other than exercising the power to make decisions, which cannot be substantiated with references to reasons. As a result, conditions of life are crashing daily.

“Being a loyal member of the APC and supporter of President Asiwaju Tinubu, it is very difficult to reconcile today’s reality with all the campaign promises made.

“Since 2015, as a party, we have raised the expectations of Nigerians. We promised to change Nigerian politics but since winning the 2015 elections, we have only succeeded in changing all our promises to the disappointment of Nigerians.”

Speaking on the contributions and efforts of many APC leaders who were in the frontline of the struggles against military rule and against the PDP, Lukman noted that they are today very comfortable and are behaving like emperors and tyrants they stood against.

“They impose their decisions on citizens and when citizens criticise them, they hurl insults and abuses in the same way old military regimes responded. The only difference is that cases of arrests and detention are no longer the case.

“The consequence is that notwithstanding the fact that we are in a democracy, we have produced the sad reality whereby the leadership of President Tinubu is becoming more and more insensitive to the plight of citizens. In less than ten months since the assumption of office, prices of practically everything have jerked up.

“For instance, 50Kg bag of Rice, which used to be about N28,000 in May 2023, is now (February 2024) around N70,000. 50Kg bag of Maize, which used to be N16,000 is now more than N60,000. 10 litre of Groundnut Oil, which used to be N10,200 is now more than N21,000. 10 litre of Palm Oil, which used to be N7,000 is now more than N12,000″, he added.

Highlighting the price of petroleum motor spirit has increased to N670 from N189 while a litre of Kerosene moved to N1,300 from N1000, Lukman noted that all these are happening because President Tinubu’s government took the bold decision to remove subsidy on petroleum products and float the Naira exchange rate.

“12Kg Cooking Gas increased to N12,500 from N3,800. Exchange rate of the Naira is now hovering around N1,500 to the US Dollar from about N700. Given all these, incomes of citizens have crashed to below 25% of its value before May 2023.

“The value is still going down. The question of providing new opportunities for income earning is at best academic debate. High level government officials continue to engage the issues from the vantage view of their comfort zones.

“The truth must be told: There is a big existential problem facing citizens. Unfortunately, all we hear is an appeal for patience. How long are citizens expected to survive under this kind of very harsh suffocating reality? What is really the plan the government is working on? As someone who was in the forefront of the struggle for democracy, this certainly wasn’t what we fought for.”

The APC chieftain queried that, “Also, as a supporter of President Tinubu, we least expected that President Tinubu will be weakly responsive to the challenges facing Nigerians. Why did we negotiate the merger of the legacy parties that formed the All Progressives Congress? Did we really do that to produce a party that could produce leaders who will attend to the problems facing citizens? If so, where then are the leaders? Shouldn’t President Asiwaju Tinubu be one of such leaders?”
“Unfortunately, as it is either the APC is alienated from citizens, or it is unable to orient initiatives of governments it controls to respond to the needs of citizens. With none of the organs of the party functioning, meetings at any levels are hardly taking place, all that the party does now is organising phantom primaries in which so-called aspirants for offices are crowned as candidates of the party.

“Yesterday’s fighters for democracy who resisted military dictatorship are today’s Godfathers. Being today’s Godfathers, they dispense patronage at will and shift anointment every election cycle. Is that the variant of progressive politics we are producing?

“President Tinubu, APC leaders and Nigerian politicians can do better. How can anyone with the faintest of conscience live a normal life with a reality whereby the same citizens who elected them as leaders are impoverished by decisions we took as a ruling party? Is President Asiwaju Tinubu at all aware that the majority of our citizens, including relatively high-income earners cannot afford medication when they are sick?

“I must admit, both as an activist, as a politician, and as a Nigerian, I am heartbroken. I am devastated by the fact that the performance of President Asiwaju Tinubu in the last 10 months betrays all the expectations we had. We never expected that President Tinubu would be unmindful of the consequences of his decisions.

“The belief of many of us, and indeed most Nigerians, is that President Tinubu is a responsive politician who will not recklessly take any decision without weighing its consequences on the lives of citizens.

” Being human, our expectation is that, if decisions are taken with grave consequences such as withdrawal of subsidy and floating the exchange rate, being the responsive leader he is, it is our expectation he will quickly review and recalibrate such decisions with the overall objective of protecting the welfare of citizens. That is what progressive politics is all about.

“If within a four-year tenure, after 10 months the scorecard is gory tales of existential crises for citizens, then the political value of such a regime is suspect. President Asiwaju Tinubu must wake up and urgently do the needful to demonstrate his true democratic and progressive credentials.

“APC leaders must also wake up from their current power drunkenness and push the administration of President Asiwaju Tinubu to become more responsive and stop behaving like a military administration. 

“A civilian elected government, which tramples on the structures of its own party and blocks its organs from functioning, is as good as a military government. 

“The choice between democracy and a dictatorship is clear. Once structures of the party are blocked from functioning, the capacity of any so-called democracy to respond to challenges facing citizens will be weak.

“This is exactly our situation in Nigeria today. The question is whether the real President Tinubu who was adjudged to be a democrat and progressive, who was voted by Nigerians, will resurface at this difficult time? I pray and hope that the God of mercy will take charge and fix our leaders and nation, Nigeria.

“May God Almighty touch the heart of President Tinubu and all APC leaders, and indeed all Nigerian politicians, to understand that millions of Nigerians are confronted with life threatening realities today. Just like we asked for the votes of citizens during an election, citizens are asking leaders, especially President Tinubu, to be responsive to today’s reality”, Lukman declared.

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