M-KOPA to expand mobile technology access

In a move at broadening mobile technology access, M-KOPA, a pioneering technology solutions provider, has recently unveiled a store in Ilorin.
Established in 2011, M-KOPA operates across Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, and Nigeria, improving the lives of millions of underbanked customers through equitable and flexible financial services.

These services empower customers to access life-enhancing assets, such as smartphones and digital financial services. With a track record of satisfying over 150,000 customers in Nigeria, M-KOPA, in collaboration with MTN Nigeria, continues to expand its unique value proposition to customers in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, and now Kwara.

The newly opened store, situated at 185 Ibrahim Taiwo Road in Ilorin, represents a revolutionary approach to mobile phone accessibility. Prioritizing affordability and inclusivity, customers can now acquire a phone of their choice without immediate financial constraints.

The Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Nigeria, Adia Sowho, expressed enthusiasm about the strategic partnership, highlighting MTN’s ongoing mission to ensure every Nigerian can experience the benefits of a connected modern life. The collaboration with M-KOPA aims to further enhance smart phone affordability for Nigerians.

The distinctive buy now, pay later model allows customers to visit the stores, choose their preferred smart phone and repayment duration, make an initial deposit, and leave with their selected smart phone.

Repayments can be as low as N4,000 per week, with the added perk of enjoying MTN data weekly on their newly acquired smart phones.
This initiative underscores MTN’s commitment to narrowing the digital gap and empowering individuals with limited financial means to embrace modern technology. The partnership with M-KOPA enhances these efforts, providing a more comprehensive approach to accessibility and affordability in the realm of mobile technology.

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