Shari’ah Council urges EFCC to unmask terrorism sponsors

The Supreme Council for Shariah in Nigeria has called on the Economic and Financial Crime Commission to unmask religious organisations suspected to be sponsoring terrorism in the country.

The council stated that the disclosure by the Chairman of EFCC about religious groups sponsoring insurgency in Nigeria had sent shockwaves across the country.

 This is contained in a statement jointly signed by SCSN President, Sheik Abdularasheed Hadiyatullah, and Secretary General Secretary, Malam Nafiu Ahmad, on Sunday in Abuja.

It called for the unmasking of the religious body allegedly sponsoring terrorism with N7 billion out of N13 billion traced to its account.

The council said that the issue raised concerns about potential fund misuse for activities threatening Nigeria’s peace and security.

”The gravity of the situation calls for immediate public clarification of the group and decisive action to address the disturbing nexus between religious groups and Insurgency.

”Accordingly, we urgently call upon the EFCC to publish the list of all sponsors involved in criminal activities.”

It said that terrorism was a matter of grave concern, and citizens demanded proper legal action against sponsors and those found complicit in financing activities undermining the nation’s security.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Chairman of EFCC,  Ola Olukoyede, recently said that the commission had uncovered a religious sect laundering money for terrorists.

Olukoyede said this at a one-day dialogue on “Youth, Religion, and the Fight against Corruption,” on Wednesday in Abuja, saying that N7 billion fraud proceeds was traced to another religious organisation.

He said the EFCC had found religious organisations, institutions, sects and bodies culpable of money laundering in the country.

Olukoyede said one of such religious bodies dragged the commission to court to protect its leader after laundered money was traced to its bank account.

The EFCC boss said the religious body got a court injunction restraining the commission from inviting, arresting or prosecuting its leader.

“We will not give up on recovering the stolen funds,” Olukoyede said.

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