Stop competing with cars, FRSC warns bicycle riders

The Federal Road Safety Corps has advised bicycle riders in Gombe State to avoid competing with cars on the roads to prevent possible crashes that could result in fatality.

Felix Theman, Gombe Sector Commander of the FRSC, stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

He spoke in Lafiyawo, Akko Local Government Area, Gombe State on Tuesday.

Theman said bicycles were part of the traffic system and that their users had the same rights as any road user, but stated that riders must not engage in whatever could create conflicts on the roads.

According to him, competing with cars and other vehicles on the road can create conflicts which may result in a crash and cause fatality.

He said it had been observed that some riders sometimes competed with cars, which he said was of great concern, hence the need to caution riders, specially children.

Theman said: “Our roads are not built for competition and that is why we have been emphasising the need for bicycle riders not to compete with motorcycles and vehicles.

“They must ensure they ride by the extreme right and not have any reason to be in the middle of the road.

“Also, bicycle users must avoid riding at night since bicycles don’t have light, it is dangerous, especially for children to use them on main roads.

“If children must ride bicycles, they must use it within their neighbourhood where traffic activities are lower and risk of crash is also low.”

Theman said his personnel had been engaging schools in Gombe metropolis to sensitise students on safe use of bicycles.

He advised parents to always buy helmets and other protective wear while purchasing bicycles for their children, adding that such would help improve their safety on the roads.

The Sector Commander also cautioned bicycle users to avoid using the left lane while riding to ensure their safety.

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