PDP, prominent citizens urge probe of el-Rufai over Kaduna debt

Amid widespread condemnation trailing the huge foreign and domestic debt burden of Kaduna State, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and prominent stakeholders in the state are calling for the probe of former Governor Nasir el-Rufai.

Commending Governor Uba Sani for the recent outcry on the huge debt burden left behind by his predecessor, PDP called for the setting up of a judicial commission of inquiry to probe the former governor and his regime.
Publicity Secretary of Kaduna PDP, Abraham Catoh, stated, at the weekend: “We, as an opposition party, are in full support of any plan by the government that would bring development to our dear state, bearing in mind that we shall always kick against anything short of that.
“In 2018 and 2022, the PDP in Kaduna drew the attention of the el-Rufai government and the citizens of Kaduna to the improper use of public funds, the criminal sale of landed properties belonging to the people of the state and the unconstitutional mass sack of qualified teachers and replacement of same with unqualified ones that have even deserted most of their duty posts; the PDP has been vindicated.”
Former Commissioner of Information, Rabiu Bako and former Kaduna Central senator, Shehu Sani, have called for a thorough investigation into the $350 million loan by el-Rufai’s administration.
The appeal came on the heels of a town hall meeting organised by Governor Uba Sani, who showcased the financial state of Kaduna, leading to open confrontations between his supporters and those of el-Rufai, his predecessor.
Bako, in a chat, called on Governor Sani to do whatever he could to ensure that the World Bank loan reportedly collected by el-Rufai is retrieved from wherever it is for the development of the state. 
Bako said: “Those who are aggressively involved in attacking Governor Sani without the wisdom of distinguishing between the right and the wrong in this matter should have a rethink of their priorities. Importantly, one must not fail to realise the extraordinary powers of a sitting governor; that he can do and undo.”

“I felt so bad coming across the rhetorics made by Bashir el-Rufai (the former governor’s son) who has been raining all manner of insults on Governor Sani. He lacks good parenting and training. He must be mindful of what he tends to bring to himself.”  On his part, the former Kaduna Central senator said he was like a prophet when he warned about the $350 million World Bank loan request by el-Rufai.
According to him, despite his warning, people refused to listen, adding that the state would not be in such a situation if el-Rufai’s administration had heeded his warning. He said: “The hour of reckoning has come for every citizen of the state. I was insulted for saying no to that loan.
“Today, you can see the problems at hand as far as that loan is concerned. Today, the state is strangulated because of that money, which we could not pay. We borrowed $350 million when the naira was N400 to the dollar and we are going to pay when the naira is what it is today.”

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