PDP's Sam Anyanwu drags Uzodinma to court, vows to 'recover stolen mandate'

The candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the November governorship poll in Imo state Sam Anyanwu has vowed to “recover his stolen mandate” through legal means.

Anyanwu described the declaration of Hope Uzodinma of the ruling All Progressives Congress as a “rape of democracy”.

He insisted that the election was marred by “all manner of electoral malpractices, thuggery, ballot box snatching and massive thump printing of ballot papers.”

The PDP national secretary blamed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the irregularities that characterised the election, and accused the electoral body of conniving with APC to rob him of his victory.

“INEC shamefully reneged on their promise to deploy the proper implementation of the guiding principle of a free, fair and credible electoral process,” Anyanwu said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“It is shameful that some polling units where the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS) recorded less number of accredited voters in the (IReV), far and overreaching votes were awarded in favour of the All Progressive Congress Party, APC. On the election day, the APC openly declared a fratricidal war against the ndi Imo.

“What really happened on the 11th of Nov, 2023 was an open rape of democracy; a broad day robbery of Imo peoples mandate, a coordinated plot to destabilize dislocate and disfigure a people already injured by the same cartel who has vowed not to give peace a chance in Imo State.”

Anyanwu also explained he and his running mate Jones Onyereri could have been murdered on the day of the election.

“While my convoy was attacked and my 4 vehicles vandalised, Dr. Jones escaped death by whiskers as he was attacked in his home by armored personnel career and dangerously armed men,” he said. “It is therefore unimaginable what ordinary citizens of the state went through in the hands of these state sponsored bandits.”

He said that despite the physical attacks on him and Onyereri, he has been falsely accused of all manner of issues.

“You will recall that some members of our party falsely accused me of being a place holder to the ARC Governor. Subsequently, they fine-tuned their blackmail to fake video circulation of my withdrawal from the race on the eve of the election when campaign was over as allegedly peddled by TVC.

“Recall also that TVC came out to debunk the fake videos as not originating from them. Finally, their false accusation became the collection of 2.5 billion naira and all other negative thoughts, fabrications and propaganda.

“These are all desperate attempts to bring me and the Sam-Jones campaign organization down. However, one remarkable thing about this election was that, despite all odds Imo people genuinely came out to vote for our party, PDF after rejecting all financial inducements by desperate position seekers. It is indeed heartwarming that in our determination to enthrone a safer and better Imo anchored, on peace, unity and cooperation; Imo people gave listening ears, internalized our message of liberation and also joined in the movement to secure our dear state from the stranglehold of insecurity, bad governance and abuse of human right.

As committed PDP members and leaders, we have taken all this in our strides, just to keep our eyes on the ball. No amount of lies, blackmail, or blasphemy can deter us from delivering on our avowed promises to Imo People.

“The Imolites have been injured. Our collective patrimony has been withered. Our cries and wounds know no bounds. I feel you your pains. My heart bleeds for the freedom of our people from the wicked governance of the State. The wicked must not go unpunished. Injury to one, is injury to all. It will be recalled that the insecurity today in the South East is exported from Imo State to other Eastern States through the use of Non State actors for the purpose of elections. We shall not relent in our pursuit for the liberation of our people, hence, the man dies in him who keeps silent in the face of tyranny.

“Moving forward therefore, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP as a peace loving party, cannot be involved in any form of violence whatsoever or lawlessness. Let me once more appeal to you to remain calm, law abiding and good party loyalists. Your unflinching support, wonderful encouragement and fervent prayers are as exceptional as they are phenomenal. We shall deploy all acceptable and all known legal machineries in motion to recover our stolen mandate.”

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